PREVEN'S | Engagement

Environment Respect

Because nature is our source of inspiration, Preven’s wipes are 100% biodegradable. Respect for the consumer and biodiversity is core value of Preven’s brand. This commitment guides us in :

    Bringing out the natural properties of eco-sourced raw materials
    Creating packaging with low material usage
    Promoting recycling and materials reclamation
    Harmonizing Well-being and the Environment

Our ethics

Out of respect for our Muslim customers, our formulations are inspected and Halal certified by the Muslim Institute of Paris. The Institute conducts frequent audits at our production sites to ensure that our production processes do indeed respect Muslim values and that no trace of alcohol or animal derived products are present in the design chain. With this in mind, we only use disinfection products which are Halal certified by the Institute. At all levels, we are keen to offer exceptional products that strictly respect the principles of the Koran.